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Pre-School Education-the Montessori Difference

It is a very responsible task and hard work to raise children. During the course of nurturing young ones, education plays the most vital role – children in developing age need proper caring and the best possible education. Today’s modern parents consider getting their wards enrolled in Montessori Stream, especially during the preschool age.

Building Innovators through Montessori Method of Education System

Modern world with its competitive environment and fast-paced lifestyle demands more than traditional academic curriculum. The way children learn things, the fundamentals they are being allowed to discern, and enabling them to grow out to be matured individuals capable of facing the everyday challenges of the contemporary life are considered vital now a days.

Although there may be different education systems with varied course content, the one single factor preferred unanimously by everyone in the education field is ‘how to teach students to be innovative?’ Here’s where Montessori Method of learning has an edge over other traditional systems.

How Traditional System Operates

As it forms the base for their future education and success in the society, preschool education is crucial in every child’s life. Playing the critical role of providing the essential benefits for children’s academic development, preschools need to follow certain fixed curriculums. It is the duty of preschool to lay a perfect foundation for kids, facilitating them to progress on to the next level, namely, kindergarten. Traditional preschools take in children who have completed 3 years of age.

Features of Traditional Preschool

  • Course curriculum is structured and preset for kids
  • Teacher is the focus of the classroom
  • Fixed amount of time is given for work as well as play
  • Pace and instruction are set for the entire group, by the school
  • Students are assigned separate seats which they need to occupy and be still
  • Teaching is through repetition and learning is through reinforcement


The way of Montessori Preschools

Montessori preschools adopt the Montessori Method that allows individualized learning with hands-on experience. Montessori preschool environment encourages total involvement of all the children in the learning process and allows them to work at their own interest and pace. For empowering them to accomplish this, they are supplied with the necessary tools and processes.

Although children’s education is the central focus in Montessori preschools similar to traditional system, the method of teaching and learning is completely different. There’s no age limit; children of one year age may join here.

Features of Montessori Preschool

  • Children set their own pace for learning
  • Teacher assists children on student-centric  activities
  • Self-discipline is spontaneously developed among kids
  • Children are allowed to choose their place, explore the environment, and collaborate with peers
  • Learning is through multi-sensory and self-correcting processes

The distinguishing feature about Montessori Method is that it helps children to take advantage of their natural curiosity and passion for learning. Not only academic skills, Montessori education System helps building social skills, improving self-esteem, and encourages children’s interest and strengths.

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