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Montessori Education for Evaluating the Skills of children

Education is considered as an overall development process which shapes the character, intelligence and life skills of a child. Different types of education systems are followed throughout India. Unfortunately, most of the systems depend on the memorizing capability of the children. This gives less space for the children to be aware of his/her responsibilities in the society.

So, educationalists strongly insist the necessity and importance of an education system that creates a wide impact in the personality development of a child in all aspects of life. Montessori education fulfills all these aspects by addressing the exact needs. Nowadays, Montessori education is gaining more importance and has become the widely followed trend in India.

In Chennai, some Montessori schools have been started in the recent years and are running successfully. One among them is Sharanalaya Play School and this school mainly focuses on bringing a child’s nature and capabilities in a reliable and objective manner that was considered as an impossible task earlier. This school is equipped with a specially prepared environment that fulfills the needs of a child both physically and spiritually.

Sharanalaya play school possesses a deep respect for children as unique individuals. In this beautiful environment, the children are free to explore through practical life which in turn develops their social, emotional capabilities etc in an effective manner. The school does not emphasize on memorizing facts, but shapes a child to become self confident, independent, kind and peaceful.

Their teachings mainly comprise of wide range of techniques, protocols, lesson presentations and safe words. It is served with a team of well trained, dedicated and experienced teachers possessed with academics and other skills. They build the language skills of children through continuous conversation with them. Here, the children are allowed to enjoy their freedom within a particular limit.

The school allows the children to learn with freedom of choice. A wide range of techniques, unique approaches and different types of working materials have been implemented to enhance the learning skills of the children in an effective manner. In fact, they mainly focus on developing the analyzing skills of a child that ultimately improves decision making, problem solving skills and creativity to a greater extent.

It adapts a unique method of allowing older students to mingle with the new comers in order to increase their confidence levels. Through this method, the children also acquire more knowledge and wisdom and are exposed to highly encouraging co operative play. Sharanalaya acts as one of the best play schools in Chennai which primarily focuses on developing the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, self discipline, self esteem and other abilities of a child.

The teachers strongly emphasize on non aggression, non interruption, tolerance, mutual respect and cooperation that enhances the holistic development of the children. The school provides all the necessary facilities required for the overall development of children. Complete details about the programs are also available online and they are mainly designed for children who are in the age group of 2. 5 to 6 years.

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