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The most crucial and formative period in a human being’s life that impacts the entire future is not the time of university education or others – it is the period from birth till the age of six!


Learning by Doing is the Montessori Motto

Research about the functioning of human brain has unveiled certain facts regarding brain’s development and about the way people normally adopt for learning. These findings reveal issues that are crucial in maximizing the learning capabilities and the overall potential of individuals.


Montessori Method has always emphasized on self-learning and leveraging hands-on experience for the development of children. Prepared environments are structured to exclusively meet the needs of growing children to develop into mature adults.


Teaching Materials in Modern Montessori Set up

Modern Montessori Education adopts the most elaborate and comprehensive teaching resources that offer convenience and practical possibility to learn things. The primary aim is to give sensorial experience that stimulates the mind with real-world models while increasing the learning potential among children. Every material is designed to provide the necessary inspiration and motivation for further exploration. Every material possesses a practical objective and lays the foundation for encouraging accomplishing future goals too.


Academic Curriculum in Contemporary Montessori Method

Primary focus is on Language education, Mathematics education, and Cosmic education.


Montessori Language education aims at enabling children to learn speech and logical thinking, communication skills, developing vocabulary, phonemic expertise, reading and writing, grammar and syntax, and understanding other languages.


Mathematics education under the Montessori Method makes use of concrete objects, through which children are facilitated to learn counting, calculations, linking numbers to pictorial forms, performing arithmetics, and discerning math concepts.


Cosmic education under Montessori Method deals with the disciplines of Zoology, Botany, History and Geography, Physics and Astronomy, and Arts and Culture.


All the information-packed and rich study materials in Montessori Education System are created and updated with a view of expanding the children’s awareness about the world. They enable them to learn by practical methods about natural phenomena while inspiring them to understand the things and explore them with curiosity!


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