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Empathy is considered one of the greatest virtues of mankind. Survival would not have been possible had we not possessed the ability to create relationships. Being able to form and living in groups to function together toward common goals is the crucial factor that nurtures our species. There’s no need to emphasize the need for learning to empathize – especially children in their budding stage must understand and acquire empathy.


Vital Role of Empathy in the Human Society
Empathy is crucial and an influencing factor for developing the competency of young children. For developing the skills to empathize, there are three key factors required, namely, self-awareness, perspective taking, and understanding how one’s actions impact others. Modeling positive behaviors such as empathy and friendship is vital in teaching compassion.


How Can Empathy be Imparted in Growing Children?
For effectively teaching growing children to be empathetic, the following steps must be followed:

 Kindness must be acknowledged: Parents and teachers must acknowledge children’s efforts to be empathetic – every little act of courtesy must be praised while an ‘all about myself’ attitude must be discouraged

 Apologize when required: We all make mistakes – parents must apologize for their slip-ups, as this sets an example with your children

 Being respectful must be prioritized: Children keep watching and noticing everything that adults do – you have to check yourself and stick on to an acceptable and polite behavior so that children learn from you

 Practice listening: it is by listening to others that we are able to learn so many things in life – develop a conversation with the child, ensure you are listening to each other – this way, you are practicing kindness and empathy

 Empathy must be prioritized: Children are provided with the opportunity to develop fundamental relationship skills by being empathetic – one of the best routes to achieve happiness is through being kind with others


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