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Home Work in the Montessori Method of Education

Homework is not assigned on a daily basis by Montessori Schools. According to Dr. Maria Montessori, as we do not dictate the work of children even in schools, there’s no need to dictate the work that they choose to do at home. That’s why Montessori schools keep traditional homework to a minimum.

Reasons Why Homework is Not Stressed in Montessori Method of Education
For children in Montessori schools, homework is not considered necessary. Children do not have access to the Montessori materials at home. Traditional homework includes workbooks and worksheets normally, but these are not being used in the Montessori system.

Moreover, the child-directed, interactive, and hands-on learning nature available in the Montessori System benefits the children in such a way that they do not require homework for staying current with their learning process.
Why Homework Had Better Be Kept at a Minimum Homework, when forced on children, only causes loss of their creative spark. In fact, Montessori Method considers homework to be harmful to the children’s intellect and relationships. Although there’s mixed response from the part of parents about assigning homework to children, the Montessori Method of Education doesn’t force homework on children.

Children who are required to spend all day at school busy in their classrooms with learning need to have their afternoons and evenings to themselves – to interact with their families and pursue their personal interests. Most importantly, they have to rest and relax after the busy day at school. When children are pushed to take up the burden of homework, they will not be able to find time for relaxation or interaction with family.

How Does Montessori Method Keep Children Engaged Montessori System believes in encouraging activities that constructively direct children’s pursuits while at home. It ensures nurturing their interests while enabling them to build family bonds. Rather than being an additional work, homework in the Montessori context proves to be an extension of the child’s educational exploration.

Household chores and such other activities constitute homework in the Montessori Method. Developing cultural awareness and language skills are encouraged.

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