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It is customary for parents who visit any School that follows Montessori Method of Education, to be inspired by the demeanor of children- how they help each other and how kind they act with one another. One major specialty in a Montessori classroom is the respectful and polite manner in which children interact among themselves.


How is this achieved? In Montessori Schools, children are treated with kindness and respect. Teachers use to discuss about how students need to talk among themselves and also how to treat one another.


According to the children’s age, we start with simple fundamentals initially, to move on to introduce complex things as they grow and get older.


Certain ideas have been given below:

  1. When somebody in the house becomes sick, your child may be trained to care for that person. For instance, “Help your kid brother with his breakfast.” Afterwards, you could say, “Thanks for that.” Then you can join with the child in similar activities.
  3. Ask your ward to assist you when required, and thank her or him for it. Try this: “Can you join me in washing the dishes?” And, later, “Thanks a lot. It was very useful.”
  5. If some event necessitates waking up early, discuss the matter and explain the need to be quiet in the evening. You can explain this by referring to the clock.
  6. Get consent from your child for helping you with folding the sheet of your bed. You two could have fun doing it as well. This teaches helping each other and explaining that help must not at all go one way.5. During visits by guests at home, let your child carry snacks and things – see that the child is being able to perform this action successfully.

Learning process begins at home. By inculcating manners and politeness in children, we will be able to assure a better future for them.

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