Estimating the skills of children with Montessori education

Education is very much essential for the development of a child in each and every step of life. It is impossible to gain knowledge and skills without education. There are various types of education systems that have been followed in India to guide children in reaching their goals in life. But, educational experts suggest that a proper education system is necessary to shape a child to become a good citizen who is provided with all the skills and talents that ultimately lead them to their goal of success.

Nowadays, many play schools have come with unique and modern concepts that improve the talents of a child by addressing exact needs. They thoroughly study and estimate the skills of each and every child and enhance the sensitivity and intellectual capacity to absorb and learn from the surroundings. Montessori education is fundamentally a model of human development. It helps in increasing self confidence and self esteem levels. The children can enjoy their freedom within certain limits. They are exposed to natural environment provided with materials and experiences.

This system is very much suitable for promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and other abilities of a child in an effective manner. The children are free to learn their lessons with freedom of choices. Sharanalaya Montessori School provides excellent amenities for children to learn lessons with a variety of working materials. A well trained and experienced faculty in this school will motivate a child at each and every step thereby showing ways to complete the tasks on time.

In fact, it serves as a model for the play schools in Chennai by addressing exact needs. The old students guide, motivate and work with the new comers to acquire knowledge and wisdom. The other special features include being aware of their responsibility in the society, decision making, problem solving skills, increased creativity, self discipline, self esteem, community living etc.

Individual attention is given to each child. Both primary and secondary programs are offered for children who are aged between 2.5 to 6 years. Complete details of school and programs can also be gathered from online to prepare children for a challenging world.

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