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Enabling Children to Become Better Citizens is one of the Montessori Principles

One major factor that shapes the life of children and decides their future is education. Children need to be guided and their qualities must be fostered by using the most effective education system that answers all their questions while providing natural learning environment that enables them to transform into socially evolved persons.

Growing Popularity of the Montessori Education System Quite different from the existing traditional education systems, this system focuses on nurturing children and encouraging them to explore more and find answers through hands-on experience. Allowing children to identify their interests, offering the learning material and syllabus that suits them specifically, and providing a specially designed environment that helps improve children’s learning skills, Montessori Method boosts their morale and self-confidence.

 Guiding Children to Become Better Human Beings The child is the center of the Montessori classroom; the entire education process has been based on mutual respect and cooperation. Being allowed to stay with other children of different ages, every child learns respect for self and respect for others. This lays the foundation for their evolution into socially well-behaved and empathetic persons in future.

How Does the Montessori Method Develop Children Into Responsible Adults?
Following the human development model which emphasizes concern for others and tolerance, the Montessori Method imparts qualities such as empathy and respect for others. Learning to respect nature and allowed to work on practical learning materials enable children to develop compassion for things and people.

By being allowed freedom within limits, Montessori children are used to display manners and etiquettes. The Montessori Education System helps every child to nourish its potential while ensuring that it grows into an adult with understanding for others and respect for the society.

A clean and safe environment that is designed exclusively for fostering children is offered at Sharanalaya School. We ensure that children develop the qualities of self-respect, respect for others, and being ready to face the real world in graceful and compassionate way.

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