It is only natural that parents want their children to grow up with self-esteem and face the world’s challenges and choices as mature adults. For the healthy and socially developed life of children, one major essential ingredient in the young age is self-confidence. Montessori Method considers developing children’s self-esteem as vital. It focuses on the connection between self-esteem and the children’s emotional and social abilities.


Strategies That Facilitate Children to Achieve Self-Confidence

  • Decision-making on a Personal Level: Children need to be encouraged to arrive at safe and smart decisions during their early adult stage in life – rather than telling them what to do, it is better to let them know why things are done – this will help foster their decision-making capabilities.
  • Accepting Differences: Every child is unique. Children quite frequently display different qualities and characteristics. Parents and teachers must push aside their preferences and let children to pursue their own. When allowed to follow true interests, children tend to have solid self esteem
  • Acknowledging Emotions: Parents must consider their children’s emotions as important. All emotions of the children are valid – even if trivial. Emotional experiences happen to every child and it is essential to not comment or make children feel bad about any emotion. Acceptance of children’s emotions is crucial in developing their self-confidence.
  • Helping and Kind Behavior: Being empathetic and compassionate to others and doing good are the best ways to feel good. Children must be encouraged to care for others; it develops the fundamental relationship skills in them. Helping someone is one effective way of achieving self-esteem.
  • Strong Stance: Giving in to the temper tantrums is not the same as accepting a child’s emotions. Parents need to understand when they are supposed to make children feel safe and supported, and when it is necessary to take a firm stance.

Parents must look for their children’s growth opportunities and help them reach their full potential. By ensuring the children that you are behind them in their every situation and accepting and acknowledging their emotional experiences, you can enable children to attain self-confidence.

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