Go green

The Best Time to Plant Trees were 20Years Ago ! The next Best time is TODAY !!! GO GREEN We, from Sharanalaya Montessori School, Organized an awareness Drive on “Go Green”. A few of our children along with parent Volunteers actively participated in various activities outside our campus in Mahalingapuram and Akkarai on January 25th,2017. […]

How Montessori Method Motivates Children and Guides them toward Natural Development

How Montessori Method Motivates Children and Guides them toward Natural Development A child’s inner self is enriched with its own characteristics and capabilities that are different from an adult’s – Montessori Method of education is based on the unique qualities of children and focuses more on students’ learning rather than on teachers’ teaching Montessori – […]

The Montessori Teacher’s Role in Enabling Children to Learn by Doing and Playing

The Montessori Teacher’s Role in Enabling Children to Learn by Doing and Playing There has been an awakening among people about the need for a shift toward encouraging children to learn through fun-filled and practical ways – Rote learning processes are being done away with! How does the Montessori Teacher differ from a Traditional one? […]

It is Guiding and Assisting, rather Than Teaching, in Montessori Method of Education

Differing from traditional type of education system, the Montessori Method encourages teachers to adopt an approach that focuses on treating each child’s individual capability and treating children with respect and dignity. It’s interacting and fostering skills, while allowing children to learn in their own pace, here! Imparting Education with Brief, yet Precise Lessons It is […]

Modern Montessori Education Concepts and Growth Opportunities

The most crucial and formative period in a human being’s life that impacts the entire future is not the time of university education or others – it is the period from birth till the age of six! Learning by Doing is the Montessori Motto Research about the functioning of human brain has unveiled certain facts […]

Managing Infants the Montessori way during their early years

Montessori Method of education aims at developing infants into adults in the most practical and spontaneous manner – growing up along with nature while learning to respect the nature are the focus here! Learning Movement the natural way It is well-known fact that young children spend most of their time on the floor. The more […]

Pre-School Education-the Montessori Difference

High School Admissions in Chennai

It is a very responsible task and hard work to raise children. During the course of nurturing young ones, education plays the most vital role – children in developing age need proper caring and the best possible education. Today’s modern parents consider getting their wards enrolled in Montessori Stream, especially during the preschool age. Building […]

Benefits of Montessori Education as Proven by Studies

Montessori Method of education focuses more on the personal development of children rather than examination and assessment. Research has proven beyond doubt that this helps children to be innovative, more mature, and socially adept.   Montessori vs. Conventional Schooling-the Difference Psychological evaluation has proved that considering a range of capabilities, children with Montessori Method of […]

How to Shape the Efficient and Empathetic Montessori Teacher

According to the principles of Maria Montessori, a teacher needs to be free of all preconceived notions about children’s level of learning and their nature – the teacher has to look out for ways to enrich students’ knowledge and make them concentrate on learning by doing   What is Special about Training Teachers in Montessori […]

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