Learning the Importance of Gratitude the Montessori Way

Living a peaceful, purposeful, and graceful life is achieved through several virtues, expressing gratitude being a crucial one. Montessori concept emphasizes teaching and expressing gratitude. Significance of Gratitude in Human Life Not just for maintaining a cordial relationship with people, regularly practicing gratitude helps individuals to alter the way the brain works as well. It […]

Raising Confident Kids the Montessori Way

It is quite common for parents to expect their children to develop self-esteem as they grow. In fact, one vital quality required for efficiently facing the challenges thrown by life and making the right choices it offers happens to be an individual’s self-esteem. Along with self-confidence, it is an essential component that enriches anyone’s life. […]

Montessori Education Nurtures Children’s Emotional Intelligence

It has been proven by studies that high emotional intelligence is one vital factor that propels people toward success in several areas. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient has a major influence on virtues such as being innovative, confident, optimistic, and empathetic. Playing such a crucial role in individuals’ lives, it becomes imperative that children’s emotional […]

Montessori Method Encourages Parents to Focus on Children’s Strengths

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Montessori Method Encourages Parents to Focus on Children’s Strengths With their unlimited enthusiasm on getting their wards to become great performers at school, in several instances, parents tend to look at the children’s weaknesses rather than identify their strengths. It is common thing in the competition-filled educational domain for parents to focus on children’s faults […]

Learning Empathy the Montessori Way

Empathy is considered one of the greatest virtues of mankind. Survival would not have been possible had we not possessed the ability to create relationships. Being able to form and living in groups to function together toward common goals is the crucial factor that nurtures our species. There’s no need to emphasize the need for […]

Importance of Imparting Respect and Courtesy in Children

As with all things, culture and behavior change with time. During the recent past, there has been a noticeable change in our culture: there’s a trend toward disrespectful and discourteous behavior. The vital factor of moving about in a civilized and polite manner needs to be instilled in our children from their young age. Significance […]

Montessori Environment Educates the Whole Child

The focus in Montessori Method of education is on educating the whole child. This is one of the major differences between Montessori Method and the mainstream traditional education.   How Does Montessori Method Achieve Educating the Whole Child? According to Dr. Maria Montessori, it is essential to arouse interest that engages the child’s whole personality. […]

Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviors the Montessori Way

Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviors the Montessori Way In Dr. Maria Montessori’s words, “misbehaviors of children are merely their reactions to an inadequate environment.” It takes efforts to help children through challenging behavior. Challenging Behavior Among Children and How Montessori Method Handles it From birth till age three – that’s when children begin developing self control. […]

Effective Ways of Building Confidence in Kids

It is only natural that parents want their children to grow up with self-esteem and face the world’s challenges and choices as mature adults. For the healthy and socially developed life of children, one major essential ingredient in the young age is self-confidence. Montessori Method considers developing children’s self-esteem as vital. It focuses on the […]

Learning Materials in the Montessori Environment

To be able to meet the learning needs of children, Montessori teachers have to make efforts and spend time on carefully preparing the essential learning materials – with children having varied levels of understanding and different capabilities in a single classroom, it is the responsibility of the Montessori teacher to see that children belonging to […]

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