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Fostering Respect and Kindness the Montessori Way

It is customary for parents who visit any School that follows Montessori Method of Education, to be inspired by the demeanor of children- how they help each other and how kind they act with one another. One major specialty in a Montessori classroom is the respectful and polite manner in which children interact among themselves.

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Noise-free Ambience in Montessori Method of Learning

Significance of Ambience in an Educational Institute Learning being a subtle process that requires a serene and viable atmosphere, schools in the modern age are seeking ways to ensure fundamental factors in classroom to be favorable for smooth exchange of ideas. Noise plays a vital role in impacting the teaching and learning processes in every

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What is Montessori Method of Education?

Montessori Method – The Exclusive Features The specialty of Montessori Program is its exclusive prepared classroom atmosphere. Materials used to equip classrooms are structured in such a way as to first educate the senses and then teach reading and writing, problem-solving and advanced math, cultural and science studies as well as geography. Music, movement, and

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5 Reasons to Pursue Montessori Method of Education

The Montessori Basics       Montessori approach has achieved great popularity around the world in teaching preschool as well as primary school children. Understandably, there are various advantages of following this practical and society-oriented teaching and learning environment. Having been devised and promoted the revolutionary system of educating children, pediatrician Dr. Maria Montessori strove for the

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An Analysis of Montessori Method of Education

History and Background of Montessori Method of Education Dr. Maria Montessori, privileged to be the first ever female physician in Italy, visualized an education system that was aimed at helping children to learn things practically in life. During the year 1907, she started her first school that exclusively offered an unprecedented education model that develops

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Rewards of Montessori Education as Shown by Research

Know About Montessori Method of Education It has been proven scientifically that a schooling methodology focusing on individual development instead of evaluation by examinations is capable of producing better, wise, ingenious, and socially skilled children. Scientists and psychologists are unanimous that considering a range of capabilities, children taking Montessori education surpassed those who take up conventional education. Pupils aged 5,

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