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Authentic Montessori – The Innate Characteristics of Montessori Schools

There are certain basic characteristics present in Montessori Schools – an authentic Montessori school prepares its classrooms meticulously with the intention of letting children learn as they grow. The Montessori setting treats a child as an individual who needs to grow physically and develop emotionally. It aims at bringing out the children’s potentials and allows their successful development into mature human beings.

Unique Components of an Authentic Montessori School

An ideal Montessori education environment will include the following unique components:

  •  Order and Structure
    •  The child to internalize the order and structure of the universe – they have to be reflected in the learning atmosphere – this way, a child learns to have trust on the environment and his or her power so that positive interaction is possible
  •  Freedom
    •  Giving every child unique opportunities for reflecting upon his or her own actions helps them face the reality and learn things with a sense of fulfillment
  •  Nature and Reality
    •  Opportunity to internalize limits of reality and nature must be given to the child so that he or she can be freed from illusions and fantasies psychologically and physically
  •  Classroom Atmosphere
    •  Montessori classrooms are invariably warm, relaxing, and motivate participation
  •  Montessori Equipment
    • Equipment used in Montessori Method must stimulate children and capture their attention while initiating the concentration process

Basic Characteristics Found in Montessori Schools

  •  An atmosphere that encourages interaction for learning and teaching and emotional development
  •  Diverse set of activities and materials aimed at fostering creative, social, personal, and intellectual independence
  •  Schedules that allow sufficient time for problem solving and creating new ideas
  •  Parent partnership is considered as an integral element in the child’s development
  •  Teachers are educated in Montessori philosophy and methods for the particular level that they teach
  •  Multi-age grouping of children is encouraged
  •  Child-centered environment with activities focusing on children’s learning
  •  Prepared and Responsive Environment that is designed to cater to the needs of children
  •  Individualized Development and Progress are the goals

Learning Activities in Montessori Method

  •  Spontaneous Activity
  •  Hands-on Learning
  •  Self-directed Processes
  •  Freedom within limits
  •  Learning Motivated Intrinsically

Montessori Method of learning encourages collaboration and cooperation rather than competition. Children are treated as individuals and complete human beings. Montessori teachers seek to instill basic and universal values in a child’s personality. Dignity of each person met, self-respect, individual responsibility, courage to speak out, and compassion are a few of the values that are being instilled.

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