Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative

Montessori School teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of stimulating social and intellectual development of young students. Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative (STDI) program offers this expertise and enables teachers to enhance their quality.

Our exclusive teacher training course helps instructors in honing their skills for better-handling classrooms. STDI empowers teachers in harnessing the power of Montessori Method of Education and bringing fun and practicality into learning. Covering various useful topics, this professional program will instruct teacher aspirants about varied methods of teaching and psychological and educational principles of children's learning.

This intense 5-month training program aims at developing young and interested trainees to start a professional and meaningful professional teaching career in the most-reputed Montessori Schools. Teachers undergoing this enlightening training will be able to embark on their journey toward becoming reflective and empowered tutors.


To be the most respected and valued space for child - Centred Education


The school provides a value centered interactive environment that promotes the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual growth of every child.

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Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative



What Our Parents Say

"Montessori Method is being meaningfully followed!"

- Padmini Umesh

"Children are being allowed to mature into adults in the most natural way!"

- Sandhana Raghuram

"Teachers have been practically trained!"

- Monisha Arunkumar

"They teach not just academics, they instill skills to face life's practical needs!"

- Anitha Deepak


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